Artists' and Writers' Cookbook

The Artists' and Writers' Cookbook: A Collection of Stories with Recipes
I contributed 80+ drawings for the book edited by Natalie Eve Garrett and published by powerHouse Books, 2016. 

176 pp, hardcover
$30 at powerHouse


When Up and Down Left Town
The third volume in Cabinet magazine's "24-Hour Book" series, this collaboration with Matthea Harvey imagines a world where Up and Down, connected by horizontal zippers to the Middle, suddenly unzip themselves, leaving humans to experience a world without contrails or dachshunds.

54 pp, softcover
$12 at Cabinet

Of Lamb

Of Lamb
A collaboration with the poet Matthea Harvey. Of Lamb is an irreverent and irresponsible retelling of the nursery rhyme, “Mary had a little lamb.” In our version, Mary spends time in a madhouse, Lamb favors slippers and the two fall in love and contemplate having half-human half-sheep offspring. Published by McSweeney's, 2011.

120 pp, hardcover
$22 at McSweeney's


McSweeney's Quarterly Concern 25
My Tiny Horses Say What are featured in this book including contributions by Steven Millhauser, Joyce Carol Oates, and Padgett Powell, among many others.

200 pp, hardcover
$22 at McSweeney's